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See Your Tribe In Symbols

A completely one-of-a-kind, hand drawn custom art piece based on the sun, moon and rising sign of each family member + more.

Use for:

✺ A symbolic family emblem

☥ Strengthening your bond 

•  Shared power talisman

♅ Tattoo 

A Familyc0de is a wonderfully unique and beautiful way to celebrate your bond. 


A sacred gift for your family home.

Let's talk it through...

Are you intrigued by the idea of an Familyc0de but have a few questions before committing? I completely understand that choosing to commission this artwork  from a total stranger you've never met before is a meaningful decision! 

I offer a completely free 15 minute consultation where we can  have a mini deep dive in to your c0de and how this unique tool can serve your connection both as a family and individuals.

A Familyc0de goes beyond wall decoration. This sacred emblem can serve as a new found pillar of strength and togetherness within your home.


By slowly tracing your eyes around the lines, the shapes and the spaces in between, the deepest essence of your group blueprint is activated. The Familyc0de connects you intimately to your shared geometry, helping to facilitate a new found sense of harmony and understanding as you journey together both as individuals and as a unit.

More than just art...
A tool for deeper connection

𓂀 ♅:::☥•~~~