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See Your Love In Symbols

A completely one-of-a-kind, hand drawn custom art piece based on your relationship's astrology chart (a.k.a the Composite chart). 

Use for:

✺ A symbolic emblem of your connection

☥ Strengthening your bond

 •  Shared power talisman

♅ Tattoo

A Partnerc0de is a wonderfully unique and sacred way to celebrate the connection between two people. Perfect for romantic, business, family and friend relationships.


Let's talk it through...

Are you intrigued by the idea of an Partnerc0de but have a few questions before committing? I completely understand that choosing to commission this artwork  from a total stranger you've never met before is a meaningful decision! 

I offer a completely free 15 minute consultation where we can connect and  have a mini deep dive in to your  c0de and how this unique tool can serve your connection both together and as individuals.

A Partnerc0de goes beyond wall decoration. This sacred emblem serves as a newfound pillar of strength, unity, and togetherness within your relationship.

By slowly tracing your eyes around the lines, shapes, and spaces in between, the deepest essence of your relationship is activated. A Partnerc0de connects you intimately to the soul of your bond, facilitating a sense of harmony, connection, and understanding as you journey together, both as one and side by side.

More than just art...
A tool for deeper connection

𓂀 ♅:::☥•~~~

The Process

To create the Partnerc0de  I firstly calculate your relationship astrology chart (the composite chart) using both of your birth details. This reveals your relationship's main astrological placements, which  serve as the c0de’s structural foundation:













Before the pen even touches the paper, I invite and connect  with the energetics / 'whole self' of each person and the relationship, much like a  reiki session. The best way to describe what happens is the visual message or 'signal' comes to me in a vibrational movement, a flash of cymatics or collection of images / beings in my minds eye that tune and lock in with the pen. The rest is a flow and natural formation.


Whilst I am  personally creating each piece, much of the feedback I've received over the years has led me to understand there are many other layers of frequency woven in to the Partnerc0de beyond  the astrology and my conscious thought as the artist.


We could say that the quantum field, source, aether, spirit (whichever phrase we want to use!)  communicates a kind of ’cosmic language' through the art, intended only for the innerstanding and resonance of the Partnerc0de recipients.


Partnerc0de Drawing Materials: 
✺ Metallic gold pen

 ✺ Compass, ruler, freehand

✺ Black 220gsm card