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"Look once and you see many things, look again and you notice more, look for a third time and you seem to enter some vast geometrical apparatus that is a spiritual powerhouse and a cosmic library of universal knowledge. These unique artworks are both remarkably beautiful and timeless in their presentation”.


An Astroc0de goes beyond wall decoration. This sacred emblem can serve as a pillar of your  daily centring practice.


By slowly tracing your eyes around the lines, the shapes and the spaces in between, the deepest essence of your nature is activated. An Astroc0de connects you intimately to your own personal geometry,  helping to facilitate a sense of  calm and peace as well as strength and embodiment in who you are.

More Than Just Art...
A Tool For Self-Healing

𓂀 ♅:::☥•~~~


See Your Soul In Symbols

A completely one-of-a-kind, hand drawn custom art piece based on your astrology birth chart + more. 

Use for:

✺ Visual meditation 

☥  Crystal  / energy grid

 •   Power talisman 

♅ Tattoo

2. Choose paper color

3. Enter birth info

* Don't worry if you don't know your birth time. Just enter your date and location!

1. Choose your size

How To Order

Price List

£385  / $480


£280 / $360


£105 / $130


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What You'll Receive

✺  Physical art piece  wrapped in a protective sleeve.

✺ Design Dec0de -  a  written description  of how the piece relates to your astrology chart sent  to your email.

✺  A hand written notecard containing all of your personal astrological placements. This is the size of business card, so you can pop it in your purse or wallet for reference whenever you need a quick 'astrology check'!