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partnerc0de - bespoke relationship astrology art



Partnerc0de art piece is based on 2 x astrology charts.


A wonderfully unique and beautiful way to celebrate the love and connection between two people. Perfect as a wedding gift, anniversary, birthday, valentines day or just to surprise your boo.


Use for: 

✺ A symbolic emblem of your connection

☥ Strengthening your bond

 • Shared power talisman

♅ Tattoo


What You'll Receive:
✺  Physical art piece wrapped in a protective sleeve.


✺ Design Dec0de -  a  written description  of how the piece relates to your relationship astrology chart (sent to your email).


✺  A hand written notecard containing all of your relationship astrological placements. This is the size of business card, so you can pop it in your purse or wallet for reference whenever you need a quick 'astrology check'!




The relationship astrology chart (Composite) can only be calculated using the accurate birth times of each person. Please don't guess! If one of you / neither of you know your exact birth time, then don't worry at all. Just make a note in your order that the birth times are unknown. The Partnerc0de will instead be a blend of both of your individual astrology charts. Since I am tapping in to energetics beyond just astrology when creating the art, the Parterc0de will still be a completely unique piece specifically attuned to your relationship with or without the birth times.


Need more clarification? Special requests? Let's chat! 



Paper Color

Pen Color