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familyc0de - bespoke family astrology art



Familyc0de art piece is based on multiple x astrology charts.


A wonderfully unique and beautiful way to celebrate your family.

The Familyc0de is based on the sun, moon and rising of each family member + more.


Use for:

✺ A symbolic family emblem

☥ Strengthening your bond 

• Shared power talisman

♅ Tattoo 


What You'll Receive:

✺ Physical art piece wrapped in a protective sleeve.


✺ Design Dec0de - a written description of how the piece relates to each family member’s astrology (sent to your email).


✺ Hand written notecards containing each of your astrological placements. This is the size of business card, so you can each pop them in your purse or wallet for reference whenever you need a quick 'astrology check'!


Need more clarification? Special requests? Let's chat.



Paper Color

Pen Color

Please enter the name/birth date/place/time e.g. 28th October 1989 / Stevenage, UK / 7:00am

Up to 500 characters.

Special requests e.g. This is for a tattoo / birthday message etc (optional)

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return + refund policy

You have 24 hours to cancel your order & receive a full refund - after this time, all purchases are non-refundable.