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Astrology Tattoo

Ink Your Celestial Architecture

A completely one-of-a-kind, bespoke, hand drawn piece based on your astrology birth chart + more. 

Sacred + Purposeful

This is more than ink on skin; an Astroc0de tattoo is a sacred emblem that embodies the core elements that make you, you.

It is deeply intentional, entirely personal and uniquely symbolic to you and your journey.

Design Options

An Astrology tattoo piece can be designed based on an individual chart, a relationship chart or all of your family's charts combined together in to one!

The Process

To design the Astroc0de tattoo I firstly calculate your astrological chart(s). This reveals your main astrological placements, which  serve as the c0de’s structural foundation:













Before the pen even touches the paper, I invite and connect  with the guides / 'whole self' of who the piece is for, much like a  reiki session. The best way to describe what happens is the visual message or 'signal' comes to me in a vibrational movement, a flash of cymatics or collection of images / beings in my minds eye that tune and lock in with the pen. The rest is a flow and natural formation.


Whilst I am  personally creating each piece, much of the feedback I've received over the years has led me to understand there are many other layers of frequency woven in to the Astroc0de beyond  the astrology and my conscious thought as the artist.


We could say that the quantum field, source, aether, spirit (whichever phrase we want to use!)  communicates a kind of ’cosmic language' through the art, intended only for the innerstanding and resonance of the tattoo recipients.


"Look once and you see many things, look again and you notice more, look for a third time and you seem to enter some vast geometrical apparatus that is a spiritual powerhouse and a cosmic library of universal knowledge. These unique artworks are both remarkably beautiful and timeless in their presentation”.


What You'll Receive

✺  Physical art piece  wrapped in a protective sleeve.

✺  A digital PNG scan of your piece which can be sent to the tattoo artist to resize for your chosen body part.

✺ Design Dec0de -  a  written description  of how the tattoo relates to your astrology chart (s). So when people ask what it means, you can tell them!

✺  A hand written notecard containing all of your personal astrological placements. This is the size of business card, so you can pop it in your purse or wallet for quick reference whenever you need a quick 'astrology check'.


Tattoo based on one individual astrology chart. Your very own unique emblem and visual meditative tool .


Tattoo based on two astrology charts blended together as one entity. A symbolic emblem of your connection to one another.


Tattoo based on multiple astrology charts blended together as one. A symbolic emblem of your family bond.


* Images for illustrative purposes only. Your tattoo design will be completely unique to your chart(s) and energetics.

* Payment plans available  at checkout.


  • Don't worry! Your birth date and birth location are enough to create your c0de. The birth time gives some extra astrological info, but it is not necessary at all to create the overall piece since I am also tapping in to energetics beyond just  astrology when creating the art. It will still be completely unique to you with or without the birth time.

  • 2-6 weeks depending on how many orders are currently being processed.

    I will keep you updated on the progress of your piece!

    If you need the piece for a specific date i.e. birthday gift, celebration, let me know in your order notes and I will do my best to accommodate  your timeframe!  I am UK based so international orders will  need at least 2 weeks process time before deadline.

  • I use Placidus as default, but  I can create your Astroc0de based on any system you prefer (since the symbology and nature related to each sign and planet remains consistent in every chart system).

    For all specific chart calculation requests (Vedic, Sidereel, Equal House etc), please specify in the order notes.

  • Yes! You are more than welcome to request different colours that suit your aesthetic.
    Just send me a message before ordering and we can make that a reality!

  • PrismCraft




    Yes! As an optional extra, you can request a digital version of your Astroc0de for either personal or business use. This gives you the freedom to get your c0de printed in high quality and on any kind of item e.g. business logo assets, clothing, phone cases, a yoga mat, even a shower curtain... whatever you dream!

    This requires me to draw the c0de from scratch on Adobe Illustrator, so it remains in HD quality at any size.  The digital replication fee is £150 / $190.

    For a solo digital Astroc0des (with no physical piece!) the  one-off design fee is £250 / $300.

    For all digital enquiries, please email me here.

  • Worldwide shipping available.
    Tracked shipping is recommended in case your piece is lost during transit.

    (Replication fees will apply on standard shipping).

Book Your Free 15 Minute Chat 

Are you intrigued by the idea of an Astroc0de tattoo but have a few questions before committing? I completely understand that choosing to commission this piece  from a total stranger you've never met before is a meaningful decision! 

During this complimentary 15-minute consultation, we can: ​

  • Talk through how your tattoo will resonate with your personal chart and energetics.

  • Explore what interests you most about astrology and what you hope to gain from a custom piece.

  • Discuss any specific aspects of your life or personality you'd like highlighted in the tattoo.

  • Answer any questions you have about me, the creation process and materials used.


This will take place online via Google Meets.

*No obligation to buy


Need more clarity? A different kind of tattoo request? Either book a free 15 minute chat above or use the form below.

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