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astroc0de - custom astrology art



You won't find bespoke art more personalised than this! The perfect gift for yourself, a loved one or as a sacred tattoo design.


A completely one-of-a-kind, hand drawn custom art piece based on your astrology birth chart + more. 

Use for:

✺ Visual meditation 

☥  Crystal  / energy grid

 •  Power talisman 

♅ Tattoo


What You'll Receive:
✺  Physical art piece  wrapped in a protective sleeve.



✺ Design Dec0de -  a  written description  of how the piece relates to your astrology chart sent  to your email.


✺  A hand written notecard containing all of your personal astrological placements. This is the size of business card, so you can pop it in your purse or wallet for reference whenever you need a quick 'astrology check'!




“Alyss is such a talented and incredible intuitive artist. This piece is beautiful and as an astrologer I love that I have something beautiful and intricate to show off and capture my natal chart and energy so well! I love her take on my chart and expression. Alyss is so detailed and thorough in her descriptions and explains the ways she creates these gorgeous pieces, which I love! This resonated so strongly for me and I honestly think everyone who's looking to have a piece made uniquely for them should look no further. Thank you so much Alyss!" Wes


"The transformational energies generated through Alyss' inspired imagery are very healing and connect to the DNA structure, opening the portals therein. A tremendously beneficial talisman, so to speak. These beautiful works of art are sacred images and have vibrations from the ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt. Gazing or meditating on these images, especially for the person for whom it was created, assists in healing and removing dense blockages. There are so many frequencies emanating from these artworks, unlocking the light codes that are needed" Henry


Need more clarification? Special requests? Let's chat <3 email:



Please enter the name/birth date/place/time e.g. 28th October 1989 / Stevenage, UK / 7:00am

Up to 500 characters.

Special requests e.g. This is for a tattoo / birthday message etc (optional)

Up to 500 characters.


return + refund policy

You have 24 hours to cancel your order & receive a full refund - after this time, all purchases are non-refundable.

shipping info

Worldwide shipping - please allow 2 - 6 weeks for creation/delivery time.

Tracked shipping highly recommended in case the art is lost during transit - replication fees will apply on standard shipping.

size guide

Large (A3): 11" x 16"

Medium (A4): 8" x 11"

Small (A5): 5" x 8"