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tiger tattoo design



Meaning: Potency, Power, Primal Instinct


As a hunter of the night, Tiger invokes a reacquaintance with your yin/feminine nature; the part of you that senses first and acts later. In this regard, there are treasures to be found by reconnecting with your sensuality, as supported through embodying this sacred design. In Hindu culture, Tiger is associated with Kali; the goddess of creation, dissolution, sexuality and death. It is together that these fiercely intuitive, prowess energies combine as a potent elixir of deeper knowing and assertive action.

Placement fit: Forearm, back, ribs, calf, thigh, upper back, spine, shoulder
Color: Black
Good for beginners: Yes


☥ Delivery

The full resolution HD design will be delivered instantly as a PNG file after the purchase has been made.

You will also receive a certificate of authenticity from ALYSS Ink proving that this design has been approved for tattooing by the creator.

Please also note that once you have bought the design, intellectual property remains for the ALYSS Ink tattoo and it would be a legal breach if posted online, resold or used for any other intentions other than getting the design tattooed.

☥ Refunds & Exchanges

Due to the nature of the business, there are no refunds or exchanges after you receive all the tattoo design files.

☥ Terms of Payment

To receive the tattoo design,  payment must be made in full through either PayPal or credit card using the payment platform provided.

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