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cosmic creature cards

a multidimensional oracle deck.
activate the voice of your inner wisdom.

Oryx brings grace and calm to a situation you may be needing to swiftly overcome and adapt to.

When you carry a lot of heavy emotion into decisions and when dealing with others, your perception easily becomes distorted, muddied and confusing for all parties involved. Where can you lighten up and compromise a little more right now?

The message here is to invite neutrality into your heart. There is a simpler road to take. Can you lay down some armour and express your needs without demanding or forcing?

Oryx reminds you that it is possible to assert yourself while remaining gentle and respectful. It is a skill worth exploring if you have a tendency to explode with anger or completely shut down when you don’t feel heard. Operating from either extreme may only end up harming yourself and those you love.





Your spirit has chosen to connect with Seal in order to resurface a conversation with the depth of your subconscious.

Seal arrives with an invitation to place logic aside for a moment and to simply explore the part of you that innocently whispers ‘I have something to share’.

You are encouraged to alchemise and channel your emotions into art, song, movement or any form of expression. Even if it is just quietly humming or doodling scribbles on scrap paper. Be gentle.

Seal reminds us that it is no measure of weakness to dive into our emotional body; we strengthen not only the connection to ourselves but with others too. What a beautiful gift!

Pay attention to your dreams at this time also. There are messages encoded within the astral realms that will greatly assist your process right now. Take care of you.



talk to you


Elephant’s unique physicality with its magnificent trunk is a symbol in the literal sense: your nose can guide you into powerful dimensions of healing. Fragrances communicate specific messages depending on what draws you in or repels you. Working with essential oils, incense and other fragrance-inducing methods is recommended at this time.



In the non-literal sense, a situation or someone in your life may be smelling off right now. It would be wise to wait until you have more information through other means before acting or making a decision.



Elephants demonstrate deep loyalty and care for one another. You are reminded how important it is to reach out to your elders and community, even if just a quick check-in or a heartfelt smile as you pass someone on the street. You must never forget the incredible impact you can have on another with these small daily acts of kindness.




Dolphin appears when life is becoming far too serious. Perhaps you’ve been on a nonstop grind recently or the ills of the world are weighing heavy on your heart. Whatever’s burdening you, it’s time to put that aside for a moment and prioritise some play; get silly or carefree in whatever way comes to mind first and feel yourself reboot at a cellular level.


The familiar noises of dolphins invite you into the realm of sound. Tuning in to the vibrations of the environment using sonar is key to Dolphin’s survival and is intrinsically linked with the breath. When we are stressed, the first thing we do is constrict our breathing. Simple, slow and deep breathing can balance and regulate our body, mind and spirit within seconds.


As a simple complimentary exercise, vocal toning involves humming a note with each exhale. Emitting a sound at any volume or pitch recalibrates our biofield sending healing vibrations throughout your body. Humming when you feel anxious can be especially soothing.




Where are you abandoning yourself in fear of letting others down lately? The balance between self and other may need some attention at this time. Cats by nature are autonomous creatures; adept at walking solo and navigating life to the beat of their own drum.


It is beautiful and important to offer your support to those close to you in their times of need, but to ensure you are giving from a pure, heart-based place it is imperative to establish and regularly feed your own internal support system.


Cat encourages you to reassess any reservations about having ‘me-time’ and instead view these moments of pause as a necessity to keep your life and relationships flowing in a healthy and stable way. This may involve re-structuring some personal boundaries; saying ‘no’ to people, situations or offers that don’t feel immediately aligned. Even just 10 minutes of undistracted alone time can be enough to re-boot.




The name of the game here is power. This word can make us feel uncomfortable; mistaken for egomaniac and tyrannical behaviour. Dragon asks you to feel into your own relationship with power. When do you feel most powerful? For some it may be trekking through a forest, for others it could be writing in a journal, or perhaps it’s as simple as spending time with loved ones.


It can be helpful to make a list of all the things, activities and circumstances - however big or small - through which you feel most embodied. Really take the time to reflect and feel into this. Your personal points of power activate the natural core of your being; the blueprint of your truest essence.


Dragon reminds you that you are born a child of the elements and it is your birthright to feel joy and go where your spirit calls as much as you can. It is as important to experience passion daily as much as you need water and nourishment. Keep your list nearby.


caught up


Octopus asks where can you be more flexible with current stresses? Can you shake off the victim shackles and be wildly creative with a solution that goes outside the current norms of your usual problem-solving head? If you’re really in a hole, think massive fake it till you make it type vibes.


The medicine of Octopus brings with it a mastery of the mind. These adaptive and intelligent creatures teach us the skill of balancing right and left brain thinking. Left brain imbalance results in rigid and restricted tunnel vision, whereas right brain imbalance leaves us lost in fantasy and disconnected from reality. Invoking Octopus helps us to flow seamlessly between these states of mind so we can hold multiple realities at once without getting too caught up or trapped in one way of thinking.


There are infinite potentials within any situation. It’s important not to limit yourself to one outcome right now. You have more tools at your fingertips than you think.




It may feel like your internal dialogue has been rotating a cycle of heavy thoughts for a while. Scarab Beetle arrives delivering a hefty dose of solar energy to help you flip the script and begin the hunt for the treasures buried in whatever life sludge you’re dealing with.


Our lives operate as a perpetual inhale and exhale; we need crisis as much as we need calm for our evolution but the key is to keep it moving. Is there another way to view your situation as an opportunity for growth instead of doom and gloom? Can you let someone in to talk it out or get it down on paper? Difficult energy transforms much faster when we face what’s happening head-on instead of running away hoping it will disappear. This isn’t simply love and light-ing our way out of a situation, but it is time to turn up the dial on some more positive thinking dear one.


Call on beetle as your alchemical lab partner if you’re having trouble finding the light. Breathe deeply and feel your heart illuminate!


beneath the sun


the story

During the first lockdown of 2020, I began drawing a series of animals as part of a 35-card divination deck while writing a new album and EP.


As well as coming to terms with what was happening in the world, I was in the midst of an all-consuming abusive relationship. In my quiet moments alone, the creatures arrived one-by-one, each with their own story and message. They became guardians up on on my wall, looking down and protecting me in the darkest moments, even if just in my mind.


Unknown to me at the time, the creatures and music had woven together a deeply layered story of my own healing process—a journey that I believe resonates with many others who are navigating their own paths of transformation.


The Cosmic Creature project is my way of sharing this journey with the world and offering a tool for others to explore the depths of their inner world, find solace and connect to their inner wisdom.

the vision

The Cosmic Creature Collection will foster community and collaboration through monthly group circles where collectors can come together to share their experiences, insights and spiritual growth. A nurturing space to support one another.

guest sound healers and speakers will be invited to participate in selected circles on specific celestial events (full/new moons, equinox, solstice etc).

Rarity structure will be developed to include:

- alternative creatures and backgrounds

- acoustic versions of the music

- ambient remixes tuned to specific healing frequencies




funding will be used towards further technical and conceptual development of the collection including:


- Collaboration with 3D artist 1011 Theory to enhance the creatures and card designs to create a more exciting experience for collectors while interacting with their card.


- music Mixing and mastering costs


- Marketing assets


- a limited edition physical print of the full 35-card deck as part of utility for the top cosmic creature collectors.

- a Multi-sensory NFT Collection written, designed and created by uk music / visual artist ALYSS.

- 8 cards incorporating art x music x spirit.

- The cards will be sold as a blind mint. This not only introduces a gamification aspect, but also the divinatory nature of oracle / tarot readings where collectors will only receive their animal, song and guidance once the card is revealed.

- Each card invites collectors to explore the depth of their inner world while engaging with visual artwork, music and storytelling, offering a transformative experience both on and off chain. 


about the artist

ALYSS is a UK-based multidisciplinary music / visual artist weaving together a rich tapestry of mediums and energetics.


Her love affair with the muses began as a young girl at the piano. A shy and sensitive child, playing and drawing were her sanctuary. She was exposed to an eclectic mix of sounds and subjects with her father being a violinist for the royal opera house, an astrologer and inventor, laying fertile ground for her imagination to run wild and flourish.


After quitting classical training and forging her own creative path, ALYSS’ music led her to be crowned Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 by Annie Mac, compose for Abbey Road Studios, and support Sampha at the London Jazz Cafe. in 2022 her track 'Pyramid' exploded organically in the Spotify + TikTok Viral Charts, amassing over 24 million streams and a signing with Colombia records.


Now embracing the ever-evolving realm of Web3, 2023 saw ALYSS quickly rise within the NFT music space, swiftly selling out her first ever NFT collection ‘Answers’,  the release of her track 'HYDRA'  as a floor drop with Nifty Music, as well as being invited as a guest speaker and performer at London / Portugal NFT events.


Whether visually or sonically, alyss' work continues to invoke a full spectrum of feeling and spirit.

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